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Top 12 Reasons for Having a Family Portrait
Saturday, March 23, 2019
Top 12 Reasons for Having a Family Portrait

Top 12 Reasons for Having a Family Portrait1. A portrait says to every family member.  I count, I'm loved and I belong.2. A family portrait keeps you close, even when you are (geographically) far away.  3. An updated portrait keeps your family history current---no child left behind.4.  A portrait greets you every morning and reminds you of who and what is important.5.  Your greatest work of art is your family.6.  A cell phone is hard to see on the wall.7.  Your children will remember what you looked like when you had hair.8.  Amaze your friends.  Astonish your enemies.9.  Family portraits grow in value.10.  A professional ...

Bistro Art Portraits
Monday, December 18, 2017
Top 12 Reasons for Having a Family Portrait

Inspiration. For years I've wanted to create family portraits in studio that were more dramatic, more intriguing, more like a piece one would encounter in an art gallery.  Introducing Bistro Art Portraits. These remarkable pieces draw on inspiration from classical painting, cinematic tension and the best of photographic art.How it all began.It all started with my children.  Every year, for over a quarter of century, I have photographed our children in a variety of scenes and styles (e.g. at the beach, surrounded by peaches, tangled in Christmas lights, trapped inside a snow-globe, etc.). As they've grown older, they have become more cooperative, more willing to ...

Portrait Park Intro
Monday, July 03, 2017
Top 12 Reasons for Having a Family Portrait

Announcing our new Portrait Park.  In planning for over a year, we bring you an amazing new experience--right behind our own studio. Imagine a beautiful stone patio, picturesque brick walls, columns and an abundance of flowers. It is a wonderful new way to love Lorei Portraits. So often we go on location--sometimes great distances--to capture a beautiful scene.  Enjoy the convenience of our studio with the garden-like ambiance of our new Portrait Park.