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What's a Nice Guy Like You doing with a Paint Brush?
Thursday, December 13, 2018
What's a Nice Guy Like You doing with a Paint Brush?

You might be asking, "Paul, I know you are a photographer, what in the world are you doing with a paint brush?"That is such a good question.  As a photographer and artist, I am always looking to stretch myself creatively.  For anyone that has followed my work, it is rather easy to see the evolution.  And, rather than give you my life story, let's just say that I am fascinated with art, especially painting.  If I was born in a different age, I am certain that I'd have been a painter.  Yet, the lines between photography and painting have been blurring for the last 20 years.  I, myself, have been painting via the computer with stylus-brush and tablet for ...

Bistro Table Talk
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
What's a Nice Guy Like You doing with a Paint Brush?

Clients love their Bistro Art Portraits Paul had fantastic ideas and took care of everything in preparation for our portraits. The Bistro was the perfect theme for us, as it really brought out our personalities. Thank you for making such a wonderful family memory for us! Anita Rea Pat and I were very happy with the total experience. We were able to incorporate some of our ideas with Paul and the team. The result was absolutely stunning. We proudly show our portrait in a prominent spot in our dining room. Bob & Pat Hersch Paul’s ideas helped spark the Wilson family portrait inspiration. We love our fun and creative Bistro Portrait! Julie & Phil ...

A Visual Adventure - Elegance Magazine
Wednesday, May 30, 2018
What's a Nice Guy Like You doing with a Paint Brush?

After years of dreaming and months of tinkering, we are so delighted to introduce, for the first time ever, the official Lorei Portraits magazine:  Elegance. It is a visual cornucopia, a wish book, of our latest portrait styles.  From beach to business, backyard to Bistro there is so much to enjoy.  See what's new at Lorei Portraits.  Check it out in it's entirety down below. 

Bistro Art Portraits
Monday, December 18, 2017
What's a Nice Guy Like You doing with a Paint Brush?

Inspiration. For years I've wanted to create family portraits in studio that were more dramatic, more intriguing, more like a piece one would encounter in an art gallery.  Introducing Bistro Art Portraits. These remarkable pieces draw on inspiration from classical painting, cinematic tension and the best of photographic art.How it all began.It all started with my children.  Every year, for over a quarter of century, I have photographed our children in a variety of scenes and styles (e.g. at the beach, surrounded by peaches, tangled in Christmas lights, trapped inside a snow-globe, etc.). As they've grown older, they have become more cooperative, more willing to ...

Cabanillas Portrait - Painted
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
What's a Nice Guy Like You doing with a Paint Brush?

If you have heard Daniel Cabanillas sing, your life has been enriched.  A powerful tenor, he has brought me close to tears on many an occasion. Every Christmas eve, with my family in tow, he has electrified us with his singular tour-de-force rendition of Oh Holy Night.  But that's not the half of it. This guy can sing.  And I, for the longest time, at least ten years, have wanted to create a portrait of him. Finally, two years ago, I finally got my chance.  We created some amazing images, one of him singing that we have shown proudly as a black & white both on our website and in our studio.  Yet, there was another image that I particularly loved.  ...