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Enchanted Garden Model Shoot
Thursday, May 30, 2019
Enchanted Garden Model Shoot

We had some big fun a few weeks ago.  Two lovely rising seniors got the entire model experience in our first ever Enchanted Garden shoot.  First, they went to Panache for hair and makeup, then they came to the studio bringing with them several beautiful dresses.  The weather cooperated very nicely.  Behind our studio we have a lovely and somewhat secret portrait park complete with patio, stone walls, trees, and, for the shoot, lots and lots of flowers.  We had a whole entourage diffusing light, adding light, taking candids.To say that these young ladies had fun was a bit of an understatement.  Check out the candids.  Then check out the ...

Portrait Park Intro
Monday, July 03, 2017
Enchanted Garden Model Shoot

Announcing our new Portrait Park.  In planning for over a year, we bring you an amazing new experience--right behind our own studio. Imagine a beautiful stone patio, picturesque brick walls, columns and an abundance of flowers. It is a wonderful new way to love Lorei Portraits. So often we go on location--sometimes great distances--to capture a beautiful scene.  Enjoy the convenience of our studio with the garden-like ambiance of our new Portrait Park. 

Amazing Cars, Amazing Models
Saturday, April 22, 2017
Enchanted Garden Model Shoot

For our third and final test shoot of the pre-season, we really pushed ourselves to photograph in some very challenging circumstances.  We had test shoots at Contemporary Motorcar, Roth Cadillac & Audi, in Erie, PA  The spacing was tight.  The lighting was challenging.  The cars were gorgeous.  So too were our models.  Here is just a sample of images from our Sports/Luxury Car Safari.  As before, Panache Salon & Spa did the hair & makeup, Bridal Elegance Prom Shoppe provided the gowns, and portraitists Paul & Max Lorei were on the cameras. This is just a glimpse of the fun. Check out the rest of model shoots and more here. 

Amazing Model Shoot II
Thursday, April 20, 2017
Enchanted Garden Model Shoot

For our second Lorei Portraits Model shoot we went to the Erie Art Museum.  And, just like the first time, hair and makeup was done flawlessly by Panache and Bridal Elegance provided some beautiful prom dresses.  Sarah Peach helped us with all of her crazy good talent.  And, we welcomed yet another portrait artist, up and coming guest artist, Max Lorei.  We had full access to the art museum, both first and second floor and even the old, underground displays.  While the Warner dazzled us with its richness, its elegance and all its finery, the art museum has a modern simplicity, almost stark barren-ness.  I had to adjust my shooting style, not relying so much on ...

Amazing New Model Shoot
Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Enchanted Garden Model Shoot

We had more fun than we should be allowed to have.  We tried something totally different.  We hand selected a number of rising seniors to be models for us this year.  And then, we had them wear some fabulous prom gowns from Bridal Elegance. The young ladies had their hair and makeup done by Panache Salon and Spa.  Then we went to the fabulous Warner Theater and the Watson-Curtze Mansion in Erie PA. to do an entire series of test shots. Armed with some of our latest lighting and with the help of the incredibly talented Sarah Peach, we went to work. I can't tell you how awesome it was to get to stretch my creative wings.  And our models had so much ...