Top 12 Reasons for Having a Family Portrait
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Saturday, March 23, 2019
By Paul Lorei
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Top 12 Reasons for Having a Family Portrait

1. A portrait says to every family member.  I count, I'm loved and I belong.

2. A family portrait keeps you close, even when you are (geographically) far away.  

3. An updated portrait keeps your family history current---no child left behind.

4.  A portrait greets you every morning and reminds you of who and what is important.

5.  Your greatest work of art is your family.

6.  A cell phone is hard to see on the wall.

7.  Your children will remember what you looked like when you had hair.

8.  Amaze your friends.  Astonish your enemies.

9.  Family portraits grow in value.

10.  A professional portrait artist can light, pose and charm your you don't have to.

11.  A snapshot belongs in a scrapbook, a portrait belongs on a wall.

12.  "We should have done this years ago."


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It is never to late to tell your story.

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